“Lean back and relax…” “I can’t hear you…” From whence I came “You can be •my• wing-man” Upside down
Old John and Duncan I can't hear you Where I come from Wing men Upside Down
Old John and Duncan

“Lean back and relax…”

Duncan, while scrambling across some wonderful rocks, held his position for a short while and I snapped him seeming to lean against Old John for support. In reality, it’s quite a way further up the hill. This is at Bradgate Park in Leicestershire and is a wonderful place to go for a walk. Old John […]

I can't hear you

“I can’t hear you…”

I managed to get to the Olympic Park and spend a day wandering around with one of my film cameras, a Leica M6. This chap in the foreground was having a very loud conversation with someone, and it coincided with a nice break in the clouds for the sun to shine through. It was taken […]

Where I come from

From whence I came

Mum and dad enjoying their [brief] time in front of the camera! This was a lovely day trip to Waddesdon Manor with Isabel and Duncan too, and I took my old Hasselblad along and got some nice black and white snaps. This one is one of my favourites from the day.

Wing men

“You can be •my• wing-man”

This is a favourite of the two cousins, Duncan and Dylan, taken when we were all on holiday in Filey, North Yorkshire. It’s a moment of genuine enthusiasm and good humour!  

Upside Down

Upside down

This is one of my favourite shots of Isabel. Shot on the Leica M9 and the 50mm f2 Zeiss lens. It’s quite disorienting this way up. I may post the flipped image for comparison. But it’s an interesting image whichever way you look at it.